Saturday, May 5, 2012

First TPLO Surgery Done!

We did it! Chevy's first TPLO surgery is done and he is resting at home now. He did great at the Vet even stayed over night! He did get a little cranky about being in a kennel and decided to rip apart his soft cone early this morning. But besides that he is amazing! Chevy even walked out of the vet already putting a little weight on the leg that was just operated on! He was very excited to see us and get home. I carried my 90lb puppy up the stairs when we got home. He didn't know what to think of being in the recovery area he kept crying... So I (being the huge suck that I am) crawled in his recovery pin with him and he fell asleep in 5 min. Good thing I brought my laptop because I'm kinda stuck now. Here are some picts of the surgery and coming home. On The Table
Just out of surgery
Post Op X-Rays
Finally home with Mommy
Thank you to everyone who donated and made this possible! Licks & Slobbers Aleasha & Chevy xoxo

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Surgery Donations

My poor baby has been through a lot... He survived death row in Reno NV... He endured a year of torture that nearly killed him and now he has one more hurdle to overcome. He has a fully torn ACL in his right knee and a partially torn ACL in his left. The surgery he needs is called a TPLO it costs approximately $3000 per knee. We are very grateful for any and all donations.

Thank you soooo much.

Chevy & Leasha