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Chevy's aka Petey History

I found Chevy's original pict from the Washo NV, Animal control.  He was brought there as a stray in 2008.  I tracked his microchip to this place.  This was where he was on death row.

This was my puppy before he went in Marc De Luna's kennel.  I wish I could see the license plate on the vehicle, I have always wanted to know where he came from.

This was taken the day he was rescued from that Marc De Luna bastard.
My sweet boy, what kind of person would do this to you.  I'm very thankful for LisaMarie for saving you.

I found him on the Washington listing and fell in love, but after reading his profile I wanted to find out more about his past then I found this...
I called LisaMarie and she gave me some background story and sent me some videos of Petey (Chevy) so I could know his story.  I read her comments after every video and started googling this Marc De Luna guy.  This was one of that pages I found... The Dark Side of Dog Rescue and then I found this...Marc De Luna South Gate Kennel Raided 60 + Dogs Impounded
It makes me sick to think this guy is till walking around free, $5000 bail and here is your hat.  According to what I have read he posted bail and skipped town!! 

Read this... its on the last link but really read this.

"The first picture, was taken a year ago, when Petey was pulled from a shelter in Nevada. At that time he was on death row. A "Rescue" network contacted a lady in Canada to sponsor/adopt the dog (you know - emails that beg you to help save a dog). The "Rescue" representatives told the lady that they would transport him to California were he would have a greater chance of getting adopted. They told her they knew of a "low cost/rescue friendly" boarding facility run by a trainer named Mark. They needed her to pay the boarding fee and they would help place the dog. This woman has been paying to board this dog for A YEAR! I haven't found out the name of the organization or the person's name who set-up transporting the dog and boarding him at Mark's. The lady in Canada was contacted by SEACCA because her information is on the dog's microchip! She went ballistic when she saw the pictures SEACCA sent her and started trying to find help for "Petey". This is where Lisa Marie comes in - the lady sent a " power of attorney" which allowed for pulling the dog and seeking medical care . The lady is paying all fees and is working with Lisa Marie to get the dog transported when well enough to her."
Story's I have herd...
Petey has cuts and lesions all over his face, ears, head, body, legs, and backside. His tail looks like part of it was used to feed another animal; He is oozing and bleeding from all ends, and infected in every crevice. He has no hair except small patches, and he is infected with demodex and mange. There's a tumor on the inside of his mouth and masses in his abdomen. Petey is in pain. But he is alive.

Petey was at Marc de Luna's kennel in South Gate, Southern California kennel. Animal control raided the kennel & impounded 60 plus dogs .

Petey was emaciated at 65 lb, skin was bloody & oozing from all sort of infection including mange, giardia, masses in his abdominal, tumor on right side of face. His ideal weight should be at 84 lbs.

An individual rescuer, LM, steps up to take care of Petey. LM got Petey out of the shelter to the vet. LM is asking Whiskers & Tails to help with Petey's vet bills.

From Lori
He was a Marc De Luna dog that was one of about 67 tortured dogs in South Gate, stuffed in crates in a warehouse.  He was never convicted and I believe that he left the state.  Poor Petey got the worst of it, he was in horrible shape. 
We probably should not post the real stories about these horrible situations but we need to let people know that these people are out there telling the public that they rescue pit bulls when in reality, the torture and fight them.  I’m so happy that you adopted him and gave him the chance he never had

God Bless you and Chevy

He was in LisaMarie's care for 8 months!!  That is a long struggle to get healthy again, but LisaMarie never gave up on him.  (I love this woman)
Here are some videos of Chevy's recovery

Chevy is now happily settling in to his new house in Cultus Lake BC.  He amazes me every day with how sweet he is.  My family was shocked to see his good nature with his history.  He is a very happy and grateful puppy, and I will be writing lots and uploading lots of videos about him.
I will be updating his history as I learn more about it.  If you have any information about Petey (Chevy) or Marc De Luna please e-mail me at

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