Sunday, May 15, 2011


So it turns out Chevy has little temper tantrums when he is on his leash or can't go see the other dog. From what I'm reading they call it "reactive on a leash" Basically he is frustrated that he can't go check out the other dog so he starts the temper tantrum of barking, pulling and whimpering... Just to make you feel worse.
I thought it was because he couldn't see the other dogs walking up and down the street. Our balcony is wood with no spaces to see out for him. (I'm going to change that soon). So today I had to wash my cars so I thought it would be a good idea to bring Chevy outside and check out people passing by. I used a nice long rope as a leash and tied the other end to my banister. (not ever leaving him alone out there). It was pretty good at first he was checking out people as they walked by but stayed close to the house. Later a neighbor ran by with a little dog and Chev took off... Forgetting he had a leash on. Poor Chevy did a back flip when he came to the end rope. He landed on is feet but he got a nice scratch on his chin. After he just got up and came back to me a little scared and unsure of what just happened. When I finished cleaning him up he put his head on my shoulder almost like he was saying sorry.
I contacted some people at hug a bull and I have been doing lots of research online about reactive dogs.
We'll see how things go. But I'm sure we can fix this.
 Chevy's BooBoo

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