Monday, August 15, 2011

2.5 Hour Hike

So we went for a nice long hike in the mountains today. It was soooo nice Chevy loved it! I took so many amazing picts.
It's nice because we can go off leash for hours and not run into anyone... Almost. At the end of the walk we saw a retriever ahead of us, Chevy's tail went up wanting to go meet him, I yelled "Chevy Come" in my best man voice I could come up with. After Chevy thought about it for a sec he came to me instead of the dog. My knees were shaking in fear. I'm not scared if the other dog or Chevy but when both dogs are off leash I'm terrified. After breaking up the dog fight the other day and Chevy getting hurt and me getting bit twice. I'm now really nervous in of leash situations... I know Chevy is over it and just want's to pay like a happy puppy. But I'm nervous... What I do? I'm gonna get training for Chevy but will that make me more confortable in these situations?? I don't wanna be the nervous Mommy... Fingers crossed training will help both of us.

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