Friday, August 12, 2011

Scuffle On The Morning Walk

So not the best walk ever, we ran into a friends dog...  They have meet before but it didn't go well...  This was their 3rd meeting and it turned in to a dog fight.  Not fun at all.  Chevy has a puncture wound under his jaw and lots of scratches.  I took him to the vet and they gave me some meds and the good news is he dosen't need stitches!  Yippy!
I also have a puncture wound on my leg and I got bit on the back of my arm.  But it didn't break the skin on my arm.  So note... When dogs are fighting DO NOT STICK SQUISHY LIMBS BETWEEN POWERFUL BITTING TEETH!  It hurts!!  I couldn't even tell you which dog bit me I put my knee right between the 2 of them... and quickly learned I'm not super woman and my legs are not actually made of steel!
Lucky for me my boss man let me go home so I could take care of Chevy.

Chevy's boo boo & mine.

Not the best way to start the day... Chevy already shook it off... Now it's Momma's turn...